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Weekly Photo Challenge: Between


Here is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge themed Between.

In between.

The flight in this picture is In Between. Behind it lies 2011, represented by the empty blue sky. The occupants of the flight know what they leave behind them; in the vast blue expaneses of an empty sky lies the year that was, 2011, the opportunities that were abound in plenty, whether taken or abandoned, nonetheless were there for the taking. The emptiness and the flight moving forward represent that the occupants know what they leave behind and still they progress forward because it is the only path that can be taken. However, they progress with caution because they know not what the next chapter, 2012, holds for them.

The cloud that bears an uncanny resemblance to a plume of white smoke represents the year 2012, and the flight approaches this cloud. Smoke because it is unknown what awaits them, but white smoke at the same time because there is hope still for a brighter tomorrow, even in the face of uncertainty and dark days.


Author: Shadow Moses

There's not much I can tell about myself, however, only you can tell.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

  1. Impressive interpretation. We are leaving 2011 with that the good and the bad experiences….2012 is a fresh start, a new hope as vast as the sky above us . Happy New Year.

    • Thank you. And just as the flight approaches the plume of cloud ‘smoke’, some of us may be entering 2012 with caution, but we all hope that tomorrow is a brighter day and just as much, 2012 is a better year. Happy New Year to you too, may it be a prosperous one.

  2. Nice interpretation of this challenge!

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