Stories of Maun

Maun – Place of Reeds


Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

Simple; what is Simple?

The iOS 5 in-built dictionary describes Simple as ‘easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty’.

For me, the most simplicity can be found in nature…

The simplicity of a sunset, but the profound beauty it can bring. If only economics could learn from mother nature.

A fan palm tree blowing in the wind; the sound made by the leaves as the wind blows through can only be heard to be appreciated.

A flower, it’s only purple. But man does it’s beauty shine through when the sunlight hits it just right.

…and, as if to be a culmination of the individual parts that make up the whole, this scene of the Thamalakane riverfront is reminiscent of an orchestra, a symphony divine to the senses, but definitive of the word simple because it is easily understood.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

Here is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge themed Peaceful.

What could be more peaceful than…

having a relaxing fishing session with your boys. Or…

a slow, relaxed boat cruise on the still waters of a majestic river such as the Boro. Or how about…

floating, alone but still at peace, along the wide open ‘River of Dreams’.

Peace can be defined as ‘freedom from disturbance’ and ‘quiet and tranquility’. Along the rivers of life, peace can be found; along the shores of the earths great rivers, peace prevails, as you relax and can hear nothing but the sound of flowing water, and can see nothing but the reflection of the heavens above in the crystal clear waters below. That, is my idea of peace.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Here is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge themed Between.

In between.

The flight in this picture is In Between. Behind it lies 2011, represented by the empty blue sky. The occupants of the flight know what they leave behind them; in the vast blue expaneses of an empty sky lies the year that was, 2011, the opportunities that were abound in plenty, whether taken or abandoned, nonetheless were there for the taking. The emptiness and the flight moving forward represent that the occupants know what they leave behind and still they progress forward because it is the only path that can be taken. However, they progress with caution because they know not what the next chapter, 2012, holds for them.

The cloud that bears an uncanny resemblance to a plume of white smoke represents the year 2012, and the flight approaches this cloud. Smoke because it is unknown what awaits them, but white smoke at the same time because there is hope still for a brighter tomorrow, even in the face of uncertainty and dark days.